17 Dec

Looking to join group fitness classes in Sydney? You’re on the right track! Group fitness classes are fun and engaging, and the shared energy you will experience within the group will keep you motivated to crush not just the workout but your overall long-term fitness plan as well. In this article, we list some of the best group fitness classes you can join right now.  


Anyone that does boxing will tell you just how incredible of an experience it is and how much it can improve your life. As a workout, it is the perfect cardio workout. Boxing helps you burn fat to gain lean muscle. So, if your main goal is to lose weight and look toned, boxing will get you there.  

You also engage all your major muscle groups when boxing, so a few sessions a week will definitely do wonders for your holistic health and fitness. It helps improve your coordination, so it stands as a mental exercise as well. Also, one of its biggest benefits is that it is the perfect way to release stress (Having a particularly tough day? Take it out on the mitts!)  

More than that, boxing is a great group exercise because you get to interact closely with your trainer. You will be getting a lot of help correcting your form or improving your speed. 

Les Mills Workouts

Out of the many group classes in Sydney available, Les Mills workouts are some of the most popular. They are well-received by fitness enthusiasts for good reason – Les Mills classes are fun, challenging, and motivating, all the things you want to experience in a workout.  

Les Mills is a fitness and health brand that originated in New Zealand. Philip Mills, son of Olympian Les Mills, saw the benefits of group fitness and decided to develop a group exercise method that involves cardio, high-intensity interval training, and more. A Les Mills class typically involves music, movement, and technology. Les Mills classes are some of the best group fitness classes recognised and practised all over the world.  

There are different types of Les Mills classes you can avail at gyms in Parramatta: BodyCombat, BodyPump, and BodyAttack, to name a few.  


Lots of people have watched a Pilates class from afar and thought, “That doesn’t look too hard.” And then they join the class… and have the surprise of their lives. Contrary to popular belief, Pilates does not just involve stretching or performing a few reps of a specific move – the big challenge involved in Pilates is the fact that you have to engage your own muscles to lift your own weight and get into a specific shape.  

This is why Pilates can really help build lean muscle groups and improve their muscle strength (aside from flexibility, of course.) What makes it a great group fitness class is that movements can be modified to accommodate beginners, so you have every opportunity to grow your practice at your own pace. Plus, you will always have a supportive group there to help you. 

Dance Fitness 

What can be better than dancing? Dance fitness is a great way to exercise for so many reasons. It can really make you break a sweat – with an energetic instructor and equally pumped-up classmates, you will definitely feel so motivated to bust some hard moves. Dance fitness is also a full-body exercise, and with the music guiding and inspiring you, it becomes a full sensory experience as well! 

Examples of dance fitness include Zumba (Latin fusion choreography combined with aerobic exercises), Bollywood X (Indian fusion choreography), and Barre (a mix of ballet elements and cardio.) As a group fitness class, dance fitness is a great way to bond with friends and make new ones – dancing always fills a room with positive energy so you are guaranteed to end your day sweating and smiling.  


As a fitness practice, joining a yoga class is the perfect way to cool down in between days of intense exercise sessions. Yoga is the best way to spend an active rest day, as the slow pace of the class as well as the special focus on breathwork are the perfect contrasts to HIIT sessions or weightlifting that require intensities in either speed or muscle strength.  

Yoga is also the perfect way to improve core work. All the positions in yoga require you to engage your core, and the fact that you would need to remain in a pose for a few seconds or minutes allows you to focus your attention there or on the muscle groups you are engaging. Yoga is an opportunity for you to check in with your body every once in a while.  

Most importantly, yoga is an opportunity to relax and unwind, so anytime you need a change of pace at the gym or in life in general, yoga is the perfect class to attend.  

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