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    My role is to get you started on the right exercise program, beginning with a whole body fitness assessment as well as personally training and improving your quality of life. All programs are customized to each individuals goals and needs.

    • Exercise Specialist
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    My role involves all of the back of house work towards operating the business and adding any assistance to my member needs, which will create a better culture and community in our facility.

    • Club General Manager
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    My role is to provide new and current members a successful and pleasant experience in our facility. As well as providing the latest fitness offering to help achieve your goals along your fitness journey. I can also integrate you into the right product and programs we offer.

    • Club Fitness Manager
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    My role is to fulfil requests by our members and point them in the right direction of help. I take corporate bookings for private classes, organise laundry and valet services. Secure bookings for personal lockers and give access to our mediation/energy pod room.

    • Member Experience Assistance
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    My role is to help choose the right membership option for you as well as provide an excellent in house service and welcoming experience.

    • Member Experience Consultant