What we offer in our club

Group Training

A variety of 45 and 60 minute group fitness classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Les Mills programs, Zumba, Boxing, and Barre Fitness.

Functional Training

30 and 45 minute dynamic circuit based workouts such as HIIT, The Intensifier, Iron Warrior, Soldiers Crossing and T.G.I.O (Thank God It’s Over).

Meditation Room

Equipped with meditation chairs, iPads and noise cancelling headphones for calming meditation music.

Laundry Services

Reserved for our ‘Blue Label’ members, this luxury service allows you leave your workout clothing in your personalised locker, have your clothes washed and placed back ready for you to collect or use again.

Oxygen Chairs

Our zero gravity massage chairs are fitted with air purifying oxygen concentrators that release o2 into your mouth and nasal cavity to benefit your mind and body.

Sauna And Steam Room

By using dry or wet heat, our steam and sauna rooms are perfect to relax your mind and body after a workout, improve blood circulation, promote detoxification, purify your health and boost your immune system.

Exercise Specialists

Our highly qualified exercise Specialists are here to help, guide and motivate you through your fitness journey specialising in all aspects of health and fitness.

Body Composition Scale

The Tanita composition analyser measures your body and provides a detailed, yet easy to understand report of your results such as body fat percentage, muscle mass and so much more.

Sleeping Pods

Our energiser/nap pods have zero gravity positioning, specially composed sleep music,and a gentle wake sequence of programmed lights and vibrations.

Protein Bar

Replenish and fuel yourself after a workout with a freshly made protein shake from our in-house protein bar, or grab a quick treat from a range of protein balls and bars.

Universal Fitness Wellness APP

A connected experience which connects you to all our devices and machines. This creates a seamless process to track and record your results all from your mobile device.

Digital Boxing System

An innovative software which delivers fast paced and challenging animated training with a dynamic 3D Trainer in Mitts mode and a 3D Fighter in Sparring mode.


Teambeats™ is an interactive and fun feature available when participating in any of our functional classes. Your heart rate, time, and your very own avatar are displayed on screen to help monitor your work effort and motivate you to push yourself and have fun!

Timing Gates

Take your training to the next level while using the sled or sprint tracks. Our timing gates record and measure your results, project on to a screen to allow you to easily view and track your results.

Stream On-Demand Classes

Stream workouts and classes anytime and anywhere. Choose from 100s of content from our library which is updated regularly. Just download our Universal Fitness Group App to start streaming.

Virtual Studio Classes

Our wellness solution player allows you to select from 1000s of innovative movement and wellness classes. Simply use the provided tablet in the studio room to select a class from the video library. These classes are delivered by the world’s best instructors off a massive 110″ TV. Virtual studio classes anytime at your convenience.